Maarten van Soest

Geboren in 1985 te Utrecht
Actief in Maarssen

Painter about painting
Basically fundamental painting forms the basis for my work. By this I mean that my main focus lies within the process of making paintings. Paint, shapes and colors are the subject. The way a painting is created and the work that is put into it, are important.

In the method in which I work, I use large amounts of paint that I draw, throw or apply with big brushes on the panel. Often the paint is diluted, that way the paint can go his own way and create its own character. I call this the spontaneous, casual form. The paint is of course sent in a certain direction, but has plenty of space to develop. This painted surface is then the basis in which I create new forms. Sometimes I pull them out of the surface and other times I put them on top of the surface.

These are clear, constructed shapes such as rectangles and circles or variations of those shapes. They are in contrast with the casual coat. The friction and tension that is then created is what I find very interesting, this is something that I play with. With pieces of tape and paper I try different compositions and search for the tension created between the two. All of these shapes are drawn from real life, the real world and put together in a different order, that way it takes a distance of what it once was so you can focus purely on the painting itself.

I like to work with the question, what is a painting, is it merely a window a suggestion of a new reality or can it stand on its own. How do you determine what a painting is and how far can you go till the picture of the painting isnt realy related to anything you have seen before.

I like playing with perception, I want people to doubt about what they actually see. I hope to excite them to look, look closely again and not to find out what it means (after all it means absolutely nothing) but to determine what they see.

Curriculum Vitae


2009 - 2013: Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Fine Art, Utrecht

2005 - 2007: Kunstacademie Artez Arnhem, Fine Art, Arnhem


Expositie met Kim vanErven, Galerie Weert, Weert, 2014

What our eyes think, Artspace Untitled, Maarssen, 2013


Hot-Spot, Hot-Spot, Breukelen, 2014

Wij presenteren AAN, Stichting AAN, Utrecht, 2013

Young Masters, Hermitage - Kers Gallery, Amsterdam, 2013

Ongekend Talent, Affordable ArtfairKunstaffair, Amsterdam, 2013

De wereld tussen reäel en imaginair, Galerie Pouloeuff, Naarden Vesting, 2013

HKU Exposure, HKU, Utrecht, 2013


Kees van Dongen Prijs, Vestia, Rotterdam, 2013

Werken in Openbare Collecties

What our eyes think, Boek bij expositie Artspace Untitled, 2013

Algemeen Dagblad, Galerie Pouloeuff, 2013

Kunstbeeld, Utrechts elan - Nanda Janssen, 2013

Ernstig Geschikt, Galerie Plaatsmaken, Arnhem, 2013

Lost Painters, Eindexamen HKU, 2013

HKU TWG, Boek verzameld werk HKU, Utrecht, 2013

Startruimte - Artspace Untitled, Lucy in de lucht, 2014

Startruimte - Artspace Untitled, Lucy in de lucht, 2014


2013 - hede: Oprichter en curator Artspace Untitled, Maarssen

2013 - hede: Oprichter en auteur blog A Piece of Artwork,

Vertegenwoordiging werk


Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
Fine Art te Utrecht
2009 - 2013

Kunstacademie Artez Arnhem
Fine Art te Arnhem
2005 - 2007

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12 januari 2014 - 02 maart 2014
Duo Expositie Maarten van Soest en Kim van Erven

19 september 2013 - 18 oktober 2013
What our eyes Think

19 september 2013 - 18 oktober 2013
What our eyes Think





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