Roeland Schmohl

Geboren in 1992 te Utrecht
Actief in Utrecht

My name is Roeland Schmohl. I am a dutch illustratordesigneranimator from Utrecht, The Netherlands.

My work mostly contains a strong graphic look, with a lot of geometric shapes in contrast with more organic shapes. With this style I always try to tell people something new and interesting or let them learn something from my work. I see myself as a sort of reporter, I always do a lot of research on something that interests me, that is different or secret.

In my work I always think its important to me, that its an experience for everyone. Not just for people that are in to art, but also for people that dont know anything about art. Thats why I also do a lot of commercial work for companies that are not associated with art.

The work that proves this the most is my graduation project from 2014 Cool War Politics. In this project I researched the cold war and found out that this war has never ended but continued in a new form Cool War. After this discovery I made an educational info-graphic animation, that explaines everything. Go and take a look!

If you want to contact me:
phone: +31 (0) 6 30656519

Curriculum Vitae


2004 - 2008: Rientjesmavo, VMBO-t, Maarssen

2008 - 2010: Niftarlake College, HAVO, Maarssen

2010 - 2014: Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU), Bachelor of Design, Utrecht


Een Stam Van..., Das Spectrum, Utrecht, 2013

EXPOsure 2014, HKU, Utrecht, 2014


Explanimation, EiP, AmsterdamCastletown (Isle of Men), 2014

Poster ontwerp, DONE (band), Amstelveen, 2013

Vormgeving concert en promotie , Muziekvereniging De Bazuin De Meern, Vleuten, 2013

Folder & Advertentie ontwerp, Cor Schmohl BV, Utrecht, 2011

Flyer ontwerp, CZOV Excelsior, Maarssen, 2013

Gastdocent De Beleving, RientjesMavo, Maarssen, 2012

EZBus, iTrajectum, Utrecht, 2014

Baskerville Visuals, Foss Collective, Utrecht, 2013

AdeZi, UCK (Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten), Vleuten, 2013


Overheid & ICT Beurs, iTrajectum, Utrecht, 2014

Werken in Openbare Collecties
Vertegenwoordiging werk

EiP Animation

This is an animation for the mobile insurance company EiP. Its an explanimation about what they do and what their new program CIAD can do for you. I made this, in association with De Creatieve Directie.

The Yellow Virus

A short animation from my graduation project that started with a research on the cold war. This animation is about how the Soviet Union and the United States tried to gain allies everywhere so their empire could spread and out run the other one.

De Bazuin - Murders & Mystery

Since 2010 I am the designer for De Bazuin, which is a orchestra in De Meern (near Utrecht). For every concert I design the posters, programme, theatrical sceneries and visuals. This is a visual for the good the bad and the ugly. The artwork was actually made for a video clip I was working on during my internship at Foss Collective for Blazin Quartet, but this videoclip got cancelled.

UCK - AdeZi

Since 2012 I am the designer for the new project of the UCK (Utrechts Centrum voor de KunstenUtrecht Centre of the Arts), called AdeZi (Adem & ZielBreath and soul), which is all about orchestral music. I designed the logo for the organisation and this is an animation for that logo that is shown at the beginning of a show or a videoclip.

EZBus - Promo

Since 2012 I am a designer at the software company iTrajectum for their new product EZBus. I designed all of the branding, which contains logo, website, animation, commercials, cards, exhibition stands and packaging. This is a short promotional video for the product.

De Inktpot

In my third year at the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) I did a project on the building De Inktpot in Utrecht. I had done research on the outside of the building and wanted to do research on the inside. But I wasnt aloud in the building under no circumstances. So I decided to break in to the forbidden area. This is a documentation about the entering of De Inktpot.

Baskerville Visuals

During my internship at Foss Collective I was asked to draw the visuals for the new show of the Dutch band Baskerville.

Cool War Politics

COOL WAR POLITICS is my graduation project from 2014. This is an educational, info-graphic animation that tells us about the current world situation and a new world war, named Cool War. If you want to know more about COOL WAR POLITICS go to:


VMBO-t te Maarssen
2004 - 2008

Niftarlake College
HAVO te Maarssen
2008 - 2010

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU)
Bachelor of Design te Utrecht
2010 - 2014

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30 mei 2015 - 30 mei 2015
Pitch Your Art

26 juni 2014 - 29 juni 2014
EXPOsure 2014

31 januari 2013 - 03 februari 2013
Een Stam Van...



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