Merlot Lucille Bos

Geboren in 1989 te The Hague
Actief in The Hague

Iäm a The Hague based artist, "born and raised" as they say. Although The city isnät that big, Iäve moved around a lot within itäs borders. Something that has made me aware of the moment -the split second- you prepare to reintroduce yourself to a new surrounding, person or a hole bunch of people.

This translates into my work trough questioning my own identity as well as the identity of the viewer trough asking them to interact with my work. This interaction also touches on the idea of being part of the work, which is something of great importance to me.

There is a theatrical side to my work. With my interest going towards reintroducing yourself to new surroundings, places etc. I deal a lot with hiding and at the same time showing off, which are basic principles when it comes to theater.

I feel that by posing questions about identity and about behavior trough art and trying to emphasize on a specific moment and choice, I can work trough personal as well as commonly felt emotions and I hope to create an awareness or a moment of realization for my viewers.

Curriculum Vitae


2010 - 2014: KABK Royal Academy of Art, Fine Arts, The Hague


Where ert we going, NEST, The Hague, 2012

Concrete Plans, Boekhorst 139, The Hague, 2013

52N04O, Maakhaven, The Hague, 2013

35 Titles for a group show, Vrom, The Hague, 2014


Stafge decor Knotwilg, The Hague, 2014

Theatre Decor REAKTOR, In the Dunes, The Hague, 2013

Video stylingdecor Supra Naturals, The Hague, 2013

Werken in Openbare Collecties

, NEST, The Hague, 2012


Illustration , DUF,

Vertegenwoordiging werk


KABK Royal Academy of Art
Fine Arts te The Hague
2010 - 2014

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